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About Us


We have been in the fresh fruit juice vending arena for over five years and have attended and worked at such events as Bonaroo, Coachella, New Mexico State Fair, Subfest, Artspire, AcousticFest and Log Jam. We are committed to providing, not only the best products, but the greatest service to our loyal customers. 

Our Product

We serve fresh fruit juices to our customers and always include fresh fruit in all drinks. These juices include such tasty drinks as out Signature Strawberry Lime Juice, Easy Orange Juice and Classic Lemonade. Of course, having fun and mixing flavors is always an option. 

We are one of the only vendors to offer FREE REFILLS, which our costumers love. This is why we believe we are consistently invited back by our event hosts. 

Fresh Options

We refuse to compromise on quality at our juice stand. That's why we carefully source our  ingredients locally and organically when possible. We are always using compostable and recyclable materials. 

Where We've Been

State and County Fairs

We have experience selling at Wisconsin county fairs and have sold at the New Mexico State Fair. 

Music Festivals

From Coachella to AcousticFest, our employees have seen it all. We can handle volume. 

Any Event

You name it, we've been there. From art fairs like Artspire, to themed fairs like LogJam. Our flexible business model allows us to fit into any event type. 

What Makes us better


Our diverse experience has us trained in the art of adjusting to our surroundings. We can be a top of the line fresh fruit juice company, or the old fashioned lemonade stand. Our goal is to make your event be the best is can be. 

Free Refills

Between our famous free refill cup and our amazing juice options, Main Squeeze Fruit Juice ensures that event goers stay for the whole event. 


We've been around the block and seen it all. From large events to small. Music festivals to county fairs and old-time themed festivals. You can feel confident that we will be at your event prepared and ready to go. 

Contact Us

Check Us Out!

Instead of just reading about us, give us a call. We love hearing about new events, and we want to be involved with all of them. 

Main Squeeze Fruit Juice

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